MTX's music

While MTX's music may not be Rimbaud's, every song on Revenge Is Sweet contain those insightful germs that guys like Elvis Costello and Paul Westerberg flog themselves to produce.

"A lot of people assume that I've been doing this so long that [songwriting] comes easily to me, but there isn't one aspect that isn't a horrendous struggle," he confides. "I worked harder than ever on this album. I have this postpartum depression with the finished product, and I regret the past with some of the slipshod stuff I've allowed to be recorded. I always try to set an impossible goal and meet it. Sometimes you stumble, but that's part of it."

As for his propensity to write about love, especially love gone bad?

"Instinctively everyone knows about unrequited love and break-ups, they've been in that position. Also, I think, the situation of desperately wanting something you can't have is a symbol for the way life is. It's the most resonant thing to focus on."

The Mr. T Experience now find themselves on the brink of larger-scale success with tours in front of more mainstream crowds and even a little airplay on mTV ("a good-will gesture, which is more than I ever expected") for two of their videos. Not bad for a band who were on the verge of going belly-up four years ago before finally solidifying their current form as a trio.

"We were broken up when our first record came out (Everybody's Entitled to Their Own Opinion in 1986), so it's a matter of perspective as to how broken up you are," Frank quips. "Up till this line-up we'd always had one foot in being a band and one we weren't sure where. What would pull things from the wreckage is I'd have these songs that would force me to pull things together, ‘cause it would be awful if I didn't.

"I just try as hard as I can. There are others who have gotten further in less time [including East Bay alums Green Day], but if I hadn't languished so long in obscurity, I wouldn't have had the time to make the mistakes and figure out what I wanted to do. I thought I'd win the ‘moral victory' and that no one would ever know us. Now I don't have a day job!"