Prepare Geoduck

Prepare Geoduck

Luckily, geoduck anatomy is very straightforward. Before you begin, make sure you have a sharp knife, a pot of water large enough to dunk the geoducks into, and a good deal of towels, paper or otherwise. As you’ll soon discover (assuming your geoduck is fresh and alive, which it should be) geoducks are full of water.

Cleaning and preparing a live geoduck for use in a Geoduck Recipe is a fun task that can be completed in 9 simple steps:

Prepare Geoduck - Step 1
1. Take a paring knife and cut along the sides of the shell.
Prepare Geoduck - Step 2
2. Once the sides are free, cut the base of the siphon along the shell to remove the meat, leaving the stomach and other innards (Gonads) behind.
Prepare Geoduck - Step 3
3. Dunk the entire geoduck in slightly cooler than boiling water for 10 seconds (no longer or it will get tough), then immediately dunk in ice water. At this point we no longer have a “live geoduck.” Take a moment of silence and then…
Prepare Geoduck - Step 4
4. Pull off the brown outer skin…Geoducks certainly are a unique seafood!
Prepare Geoduck - Step 5
5. Cut down the middle of the siphon to open it up and wash to remove any sand or other debris.
Prepare Geoduck - Step 6
6. (Optional) Cut off the tough “hind end” of the gooey duck.
Prepare Geoduck - Step 7
7. Seperate the gooey duck into (2) halves.
Prepare Geoduck - Step 8
8. Cut the siphon into very thin slices.
Prepare Geoduck - Step 9
9. Cut the mantle into thicker pieces.
Prepare Geoduck
You’re ready to use your geoduck in one of our delicious Geoduck Recipes!

The different parts of geoduck anatomy are often prepared in different ways depending on which kind of fresh seafood dish you’re looking to prepare. The way the siphon is prepared depends on the method of cooking. If it is to be eaten raw, simply slice the siphon into very thin strips. If you are going to make a geoduck steak, tenderizing the neck is recommended. The softer mantle meat does not need to be tenderized. It is not generally eaten raw. Instead, it is cooked in various Geoduck Recipes.

The average 2 pound geoduck generally yields a half pound of food when prepared. Geoduck must be prepared live; otherwise it loses its freshness very rapidly. A foul odor is the quickest way to tell if a live geoduck is no longer fresh. If there is no foul odor, let geoduck cleaning commence!