There's something thrilling here

"There's really something to discover something no one's ever heard of. I got a lot of energy from that when I was a kid. If MTX is your favorite bad then you're probably the only kid on the block who knows about us. It's instant uniqueness and individuality. We work incredibly hard to make it as high quality as possible. What I hope happens is when people stumble on it they are just knocked out by how unique it is. No one else writes exactly this kind of songs and people who like it, appreciate it. You always wish you could sell more records."

Dr. Frank talks about what gives him satisfaction as a songwriter and performer. "Hearing a fan say a certain song helped them get through a tough time makes it all worth it. We are like a cross between Mother Teresa and Princess Diana. All of our charity work, that's what I hope we're remembered for."

Dr. Frank goes on to discuss why they shied away from signing with a major label during the post Green Day frenzy that swept throught the City by the Bay.

"Frankly, I don't think that anybody could repackage us as something that would be mainstream enough with what we have been talking about doing. We're creating our own scheme. The world that would embrace Dr. Frank and the Mr. T Experience would be a strange and wonderful world, but that's not reality."

Talk about the antithesis fo selling out, this band puts its music first and success second. Granted they easily could have been a one-hit wonder during the alternative rock craze. It's that knowledge that kept them from making a deal with the record devils.

In what has become the Frankenstein of the modern rock band, the poplular slam dancing/moshing is now looked upon as dangerous and wanted. In what may have taken years, Dr. Frank describes how they have dealt with the problem. "Partly by design, partly by process of natural selection, we've come a long way towards alienating that sector of the audience who likes to go to the show and beat all the girls up. There's nothing more depressing than seeing a professional-wrestler like, tattooed, fat guy knock over a 14-year-old girl. We have a lot of girls at our shows and I feel a little protective of them. In most places, the sector that goes to see us has outgrwon that. They just jump up and down all over the place."

Recently, MTX became a Bammie winner -- best punk band. Every year the San Francisco musical community gets together and puts on their locka version of the Grammies (Sammy Hagar usually wins something -- And I'm sure Journey has won their share as well). "we have a trophy now that has a little inscription on it that says 'The Mr. T Experience, Outstanding Punk Band"' says Dr. Frank. "It's probably as impressive as a coffee mug that says 'number one secretary.' I look at it and crack up. The absurdity of it is almost poetic. Maybe it helped a little bit in being able to book a couple of shows or persuade the reluctant press world to consider paying a little bit of attention to us."